LiveSummit is an electronic music band formed in 2008 by Alex Matt. It all began when they had set a very important target for the whole band which was to ruin stereotypes in the field of electronic music. They reckon playing electronic music live is quite possible and it is not only DJs who can do it. By playing live they try to make sure that it has no difference with widely recognised electronic sound. LiveSummit uses a wide diversity of music styles but they are concentrated mainly on EDM, Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass, etc.
First appearances and progress. In 2009, they were invited to perform on big stage in support of such famous musicians as Fresh(UK), Mistabishi(UK), The Panacea(GER), Black Sun Empire(NL), The Sect(UK), Phace(GER), ConcordDawn(NZ), Aphrodite(UK) as well as to headline some of the big festivals. Working hard, they got noticed by several British labels such as Dangerous New Age and Live And Dangerous and in the beginning of 2011 their first album was released for the world. As reviewers wrote, the most vivid work of the album was "FLY HIGH" featuring AnnGree. It was a really great idea to get her to sing in that tune as she brought something unique to it. It is not just another vocal tune, it has a really different vibe. The tune turned out to be a great success and was followed up by its remix by Puerto Rican producers called Custom Soldierz. The remix featured in week 34 in the Beatport charts. "D2F" is another great work done by LiveSummit and an Australian band called The Vangarde. In 2014, they recorded two albums: "Feel Evolution" and a symphonic orchestra featured "Sinfosynthetic Pt. I.", and they brought themselves to the top of ReverbNation UK charts again. The next album "Energy Machine" was released in 2016 followed by the single "Break Me (trap remix)", and in the spring 2017 the band once again got to the top of the UK charts and got 17th place in the World of EDM (according to ReverbNation.) Nowadays LiveSummit keeps moving forward and are setting even higher goals.
They played with: Concord Dawn(NZL), Fresh(UK), Mistabishi(UK), The Panacea(GER), Black Sun Empire(NL), The Sect(UK), Luca Antolini(IT), Donny(UK), Phace(GER), BK(UK), John B(UK), YOJI(JP), Knife Party(AU), Grooverider(UK), Nicky Blackmarket(UK), TeeBee(UK), Aphrodite(UK) and others.
P.S. The World will never be same again...



"LiveSummit have been rocking club and festival stages worldwide since 2008 with their red-hot brand of live EDM, dubstep, trap, drum ’n’ bass and more. In 2014, they recorded two albums: ‘Feel Evolution’ and ‘Sinfosynthetic Pt. I’, which featured a symphonic orchestra. The next album, ‘Energy Machine’, was released in 2016, followed by the single ‘Break Me’ (Trap remix), and in March 2017 the band once again reached the top of the ReverbNation UK EDM charts. The band have collaborated with artists from all over the world, working with different styles of music. They’ve played with the likes of Concord Dawn, Fresh, Mistabishi, The Panacea, Black Sun Empire, The Sect, Luca Antolini, Phace, BK, John B, YOJI, Knife Party, TeeBee and Aphrodite. It’s the connection with their fans, though, that makes LiveSummit special, whether in an intimate club or on a main festival stage." - Mixmag, Itroducing LiveSummit (May 17, 2017) http://mixmag.net


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